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Anti-Social Behaviour

Pay your rent

You can pay your rent via allpay, you will need your allpay card and tenant reference in order to create an account. Pay your rent via allpay here.

You can also use your allpay card at a number of paypoint outlets, or just give us a call on 01474 369 830. Alternatively, you can download and return the Direct Debit mandate.

Direct Debit Mandate

Internal Transfer

As you may or may not be aware GCHA holds an internal transfer list. This gives our tenants first dibs at any properties we have to let. So far this year (2016/2017) we have housed 11 GCHA tenants in this way, matching their criteria for a new home.

If you would like to move internally within GCHA, please complete the form below and return to us by post or email.

Please be aware that if you are currently waiting for an internal transfer, it can take a while. This is especially the case when it comes to 2, 3 or 4 bed houses. Unfortunately we have very few of these types of properties and tenants don’t tend to move out on a regular basis.

Internal Transfer Request Form

Mutual Exchange (MEX)

An internal transfer is not the only option open if you want to move. Mutual exchanges are the most popular way of moving if you are a housing association or council tenant. All you need to do is find another housing association or council tenant and swap with them. GCHA are a registered landlord with Exchange Locata, this is an internet based mutual exchange service where you can advertise your property free of charge –

There is criteria to completing a mutual exchange but take a look on any of the major mutual exchange websites / Facebook and they explain the process in greater details, or give us a call and we can also advise you. One of the most popular ones is homeswapper –

Terminating Your Tenancy

If you are looking to terminate your tenancy with us you need to give us specific notice depending on the type of tenancy you hold, please contact GCHA if you are unsure and complete/return the form below by email or post.

Termination Form (28 days)
Termination Form (one month)


To report a repair please click here

Common Issues:

The most prevalent is an increase in condensation. If you have noticed mould growth on your walls or water collecting on your windows, this is a classic sign of condensation. But don’t worry! This issue can be easily resolved by understanding how it forms and how to avoid it:

Heating—a lack of heating on the home, means that any steam (including steam from breathing!) will form on the coldest surfaces and turn into water vapour.

Ventilation—closing all doors and windows stops any steam escaping.

Increased vapour production—drying clothes within the home (with no heat or ventilation) will mean that even more vapour is produced!

How can I stop it?

By increasing the heating within the home, it will warm all surfaces, discouraging condensation to form. If you now add ventilation into the mix, this will mean that steam will escape. You don’t have to fling all doors and windows open, just open them a tiny amount and it will really help. Also, if you do have any vents in your walls, make sure they are not blocked. If you have an electrical extractor fan, don’t switch this off. If any tenants would like more information on how to deal with condensation, please ask—we would be happy to send you a more comprehensive guide!

Planned Maintenance:

GCHA are committed to reinvesting in and improving our current properties. Over the current financial year (April 2016-March 2017) GCHA have the following upgrades and works planned:

  • Replacing c60 individual kitchen in tenants properties
  • New front and or back doors being replaced at c50 properties
  • New windows in 2 properties
  • External and or internal re-decoration at 7 sites
  • New carpets in the communal areas and 2 sites.


We hope you never have need to complain, but if you are unhappy with any part of your service from GCHA or our contractors please complete the form below and we will look into the matter and respond in line with our policy.

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