Gravesend Churches Housing Association (GCHA) has reached a significant milestone, celebrating 60 years of service. An integral part of our longevity and effectiveness in serving our community comes from the partnerships and collaborations we have fostered. This blog highlights the ways in which these relationships contribute to our mission, focusing on the support available to our tenants.

Tenant support and wellbeing service

In partnership with Life & Progress, GCHA offers the Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service. This service provides confidential advice around the clock, every day of the year, addressing various personal and financial issues. Topics covered include health and wellbeing, mental health, relationships, managing debt, and more. The service is directly related to counselling, legal, financial, childcare, and consumer rights advice. Tenants can access TSWS by calling 0330 094 8845 or online using the username ‘gchasupport’ and password ‘tenant’.


Collaborative Efforts for Comprehensive Support

Our network of partnerships spans local and national organisations, enabling us to support our tenants in areas beyond housing. These collaborations allow us to offer guidance and resources in financial management, mental health support, home assistance, and more.

  • Financial Support: Through our work with the Kent Savers Credit Union and guidance on Universal Credit, we aim to provide financial support and education. Our Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service also covers financial advice and debt management.
  • Mental Health Resources: Samaritans and Mind are among our partners offering mental health support and resources, ensuring tenants can access necessary services.
  • Home Assistance: Collaborations with Kasbah and Centra help us offer support services for individuals with disabilities and personal alarm services for independent living.
  • Domestic Abuse Support: We partner with the National Domestic Violence Helpline to offer support and resources for individuals facing domestic violence and abuse.


Engagement with Local Authorities

Partnerships with local authorities such as Gravesham Borough Council, Dartford Borough Council, and Maidstone Borough Council support our efforts. These relationships are essential in providing our tenants with a broad range of support.


Broadening the Support Network

In addition to these partnerships, we facilitate access to assistance with energy and household bills, water bill support through South East Water and Southern Water, and services like food banks in collaboration with Gravesham and Medway Foodbanks. Kent County Council’s Support and Assistance Service is vital in offering essential support.

The collaborations and partnerships GCHA has established over the years are central to our ability to support our tenants effectively. These relationships enable us to offer diverse services and support, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of those we serve. As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, these partnerships will remain a cornerstone of our approach to community support.


Do you have a story of your time as a GCHA resident that you would like to share? We’re collecting stories to put on our social media channels and on our website as we continue to celebrate our 60th anniversary. Please get in touch via and let us know your story!