This timeline encapsulates key milestones and developments from 1964 to 2024, offering insights into the pivotal moments that have shaped our community’s housing sector. From landmark policy changes and the introduction of innovative housing schemes to the impactful broadcast of “Cathy Come Home,” this overview highlights the journey towards addressing the housing needs within our communities. 

Join us as we reflect on the challenges and achievements that have marked our commitment to providing affordable, quality housing and support services to those in need.



60th anniversary


GCHA reaches its 60th anniversary and is the second largest housing provider in the Gravesham areas after the local authority.


Exterior of Ruxton Mews Development

Ruxton Mews

GCHA completed the build of 9, three bedroom terraced houses known as Ruxton Mews in Meopham. They were designed with sustainability in mind, each house having an air source heat pump and access to an electric car charging point.


Property acquisition

GCHA completes the purchase of the site of the former Meopham police station and of 9 new units in Meopham, known as Ruxton Mews and acquires land for 14 new homes in Gravesend.

7 wooden houses of different sizes, the one centre in the image is green with small icons related to netzero flowing out of the top of it.


Government outlines clear goals for decarbonisation, namely that the UK must meet net zero by 2050. The housing sector is seen to play a vital role in meeting this goal. Housing Associations like GCHA have already started work through the rollout of energy efficient infrastructure and initiatives but more needs to be done.


House under construction with no workpeople on site

Temporary halt in housing construction

COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a temporary halt in housing construction and exacerbates the housing crisis due to economic downturns.


Property acquisition

GCHA acquires 8 properties in Maidstone for market rent.


Elizabeth Court


GCHA refurbishes 60 properties within Elizabeth Court in Gravesend.

Property acquisition

GCHA acquires 1 property in Northfleet for market rent and 12 in Gravesend for market rent.


Property acquisition

GCHA acquires 3 properties in Gravesend for market rent


Property acquisition

GCHA acquires 13 properties in Gravesend for market rent


Cobham Terrace

Property acquisition

GCHA acquired Cobham Terrace in Swanscombe, Greenhithe for market rent, offering access to eight 1 bedroom flats, four 2 bedroom flats and eight 3 bedroom flats.


Global financial crisis

The global financial crisis leads to a significant downturn in housing construction and has long-lasting effects on the UK housing market.


Joint development programme

GCHA signed a joint development programme with another association delivering 42 new affordable housing units at DeWarren House, Glebe Road, Rochester Road and Fulwich Road, as well as 4 street properties in Singlewell.


Maidstone Churches Housing Association

GCHA amalgamates the units originally under Maidstone Churches Housing Association into its stock.


Maidstone Churches Housing

GCHA takes over the management of 22 units on behalf of Maidstone Churches Housing Association.


GCHA has over 200 homes

GCHA has over 200 homes in our portfolio including Elizabeth Court in the centre of Gravesend and properties in Dartford.


100 homes

GCHA has over 100 homes in our portfolio


The Housing Improvement Act

The Housing Improvement Act made it easier to turn old houses into new homes by encouraging rehabilitation and modernisation through increased grants to property owners. The Act sought to place the economics of housing improvement in a much better relationship to those of redevelopment.


First 9 flats

GCHA raised enough money to purchase 14 London Road in Northfleet, and create its first 9 flats


Cathy Come Home

"Cathy Come Home" aired on the BBC, significantly influencing public opinion and policy regarding homelessness and social housing.


Gravesend Churches Housing Association

Gravesend Churches Housing Association was formed in September 1964 by the Gravesend and District Council of Churches, which recognised the need for affordable rented housing in the area.

Housing Act

1964 Housing Act, passed by the Labour government "strengthened local authorities' powers to enforce minimum standards on privately owned housing and encouraged housing societies to build for low rent and for co-ownership by establishing a Housing Corporation which had powers to borrow from the Exchequer (£50 million in the first instance) for this purpose.