Gravesend Churches Housing Association (GCHA) celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to providing affordable housing and enhancing community life in Kent. This anniversary is more than a reflection of our rich history – it’s a launching pad for our future ambitions and a celebration of the community we serve.

Our journey so far

Gravesend Churches Housing Association (GCHA) has a remarkable history spanning over six decades, beginning in 1964. Originally formed from the collective vision of local churches, the association emerged from a pressing need for affordable housing in the Gravesend area. This initiative, grounded in community spirit and compassion, laid the foundation for what GCHA is today – a resilient and adaptive organisation managing over 560 properties across Gravesham, Dartford, and Maidstone.

Throughout its evolution, GCHA has remained steadfast in its core mission – to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing. This commitment goes beyond just offering housing solutions; it involves creating a supportive environment where residents can thrive.

Celebrating 60 years of community impact

The 60th anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and plan for the future. Over the next few months, we will be organising various activities:

    • An anniversary event for residents and the community, highlighting our journey and the impact of our work.
    • A monthly blog series on our website and social media channels will share insights into GCHA’s history, challenges, successes, and stories from our residents.
    • Resident experiences and narratives will be shared across GCHA’s digital platforms.
    • A digital timeline on our website to explore GCHA’s key milestones and achievements.

Get involved

We invite our residents and the wider community to join us in these celebrations. Your participation and support are invaluable in making these events successful and meaningful. Whether attending events, sharing your GCHA stories, or getting involved in community projects, your involvement is vital to our collective success.

If you have a story to share of your time with GCHA, please send them to and we’ll share them across our platforms.

Join our celebrations

Join us in this year of celebration and reflection. Stay updated on upcoming events and opportunities to get involved by following us on social media. Together, let’s celebrate 60 years of GCHA and look forward to a future where everyone in our community can access a safe, secure, and affordable home.

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