Wilful damage

Following a number of visits to our schemes, and resident homes, it was pleased to see that most of our residents care about the homes and properties they live in as they keep the properties clean and damage-free.

However, we noticed that on visiting some of our schemes/homes that there has been some neglect and or wilful damage caused within the home and communal areas.

This includes damage to doors and internal walls, windows and floors within the property and removal of fire safety signs, graffiti on walls, damage to stairwells flooring, window frames and opening of fire doors in communal areas.

Over the coming months, GCHA will be targeting properties and estates where this is happening and, where wilful damage is identified, we will be recharging the cost of repairs or taking legal action that could result in eviction.


An environmental crime which includes littering, flytipping, dog fouling, and abandoned vehicles is a criminal offence. If you see someone fly-tipping on your scheme please report where fly-tipping has taken place. Where possible, please take note of:

The date, time and location
What the waste consists of and how much (provide photos if you can)
A description of any vehicles involved and the registration number
A description of any involved persons

We will be able to use this information to work with the local authorities to take enforcement action.