As we commemorate a significant anniversary for our housing association, it's an opportune moment to reflect on the diverse backgrounds of the communities we serve. The strength of our communities lies in their diversity and the inclusive atmosphere we strive to maintain. This commitment ensures that everyone feels at home, regardless of their background.

Diversity and inclusion are principles that guide our operations and interactions. Our approach involves actively listening, learning, and adapting to ensure that we offer more than just housing. We aim to provide a space where people from various backgrounds can share experiences and build a cohesive community.


Creating Welcoming Environments

Our efforts to foster inclusive environments are ongoing, with programs and initiatives tailored to the needs of our diverse resident base. We strive to make every community a place where everyone can thrive, recognising the importance of diverse representation among our staff and management to meet residents’ needs better.


A Look at Our Community’s Diversity

Our community’s demographic makeup reflects the broader trends of the areas we serve, but our commitment to inclusivity goes beyond numbers. We actively engage with residents from various backgrounds, ensuring that each person feels valued and supported. We also recognise the diversity of employment statuses among our residents, offering support that is mindful of our communities’ various life situations.


Our Age and Gender Dynamics

The age and gender distribution within our communities shows a balanced mix, supporting our aim to provide housing that caters to all, ensuring dynamic and intergenerational community spirit. This balance supports our approach to equality and our efforts to address unique challenges and preferences.


Listening to Our Communities

Engagement with our residents is key to our approach. Through meetings, surveys, and informal conversations, we make sure that the voices of our communities are heard and acted upon. This feedback loop has been invaluable in shaping the services we provide, ensuring they are responsive and relevant to the needs of our residents.

Our work towards inclusivity also extends to accessibility. We continually assess and improve our properties to ensure they are accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities. We aim to ensure all our residents have equal access to their homes and the surrounding community facilities.


A Foundation for the Future

As we celebrate 60 years, we’re not just looking back at our achievements but also looking forward. The landscape of our communities continues to evolve, and with it, so does our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Creating truly inclusive communities requires ongoing effort, reflection, and adaptation.

At GCHA, we are proud of the diverse community we have built and are committed to continuing our work to ensure that our housing association remains a welcoming place for all. By celebrating our differences and working together towards common goals, we can build even stronger, more vibrant communities for the future.

Our journey towards greater diversity and inclusion is ongoing. We invite our residents, staff, and the wider community to join us. Together, we can ensure that GCHA remains a place where everyone is valued, supported, and included.

Do you have a story of your time as a GCHA resident that you would like to share? We’re collecting stories to put on our social media channels and on our website, as we continue to celebrate our 60th anniversary. Please get in touch via and let us know your story!