As part of our Christmas 2022 newsletter, we informed residents that we will be conducting Health & Safety checks/audits of their property. Since May 2023, CPA Property Services (our new contractors) have been contacting residents to gain access to complete these.

What will the Health & Safety checks include?

  • To check for Damp and Mould/Condensation and provide advice on how to reduce dampness and mould in your home
  • The overall well-being of the resident and family members
  • Any other areas that may pose a risk to the resident and or the property

How will I know when CPA is going to attend my home?

Letters will be sent out in advance advising residents that CPA Property Services will be visiting your home or area. Where this is not possible, CPA Property Services may knock on your door if in the area. However, we will do our best to let residents know in advance of any visits.

What will happen once the visit is completed?

A report of the findings will be provided to GCHA staff where they will assess each one and where necessary contact the resident directly for a follow-up visit and or raise an order for the contractors to attend to carry out any repair works.

Will CPA Property Services have ID on them?

All CPA Operatives will carry ID with them during the visit. If you are not sure of who is at your door, always contact us and we will let you know if CPA Property Services are due in your area at that time.

Health and Safety compliance

We have a legal obligation to carry out annual gas safety checks on your home. The gas safety checks are carried out by Robert Heath Heating Services.

We also have a responsibility as a landlord to carry out 5-year electrical safety checks within your home. Please make sure that you provide access for these checks to be completed. Failing to do so, may lead to GCHA serving a (Notice of Seeking Possession) or Injunction to gain immediate access.

Please help GCHA keep you and your family safe by ensuring that you keep appointments with the contractors. If the contractor fails to turn up, please tell us and we will address this directly with the contractor.