As we continue to celebrate GCHA’s 60th year, we are taking a moment to revisit our strategic priorities. Our focus remains on improving the quality of life for our residents and ensuring our operations support this goal effectively and sustainably. Our strategic plan is a commitment to progress, with an emphasis on practical and achievable objectives that reflect our dedication to our community.

Quality Homes and Services in Safe Neighbourhoods

Central to our mission is the delivery of high-quality homes and services. Recognizing the importance of a safe and secure living environment, we continue to invest in our properties and the standard of accommodation we provide. Efforts to enhance resident satisfaction and maintain our properties to a high standard are ongoing, with initiatives to ensure our homes are comfortable and secure places to live.


Embracing Sustainability

Acknowledging the growing need for sustainable living solutions, we are actively working towards developing energy-efficient and affordable homes. Our approach includes not only meeting current energy efficiency standards but also investing in sustainable innovations for the future. We aim to complete several new homes by 2025, each designed with sustainability, as part of our broader commitment to environmental responsibility.


Financial Stability for Future Investments

Maintaining our financial health is essential to continue providing high-value services to our residents. We aim to support our development goals through careful asset management and strategic planning while ensuring our services remain affordable. Our financial strategies are designed to generate the necessary surplus for reinvestment into our communities, highlighting our commitment to long-term sustainability and growth.


Engaging with Our Community

High levels of satisfaction among our residents and staff are crucial. We strive to be an organisation that listens and responds to the needs of our community. This includes involving residents in decision-making and ensuring our staff are supported and valued. Our engagement strategies have led to positive feedback, and we are continually seeking ways to improve our services and how we interact with residents and staff.

Looking ahead, GCHA is focused on these strategic priorities and clearly understands the challenges and opportunities. Our approach is grounded in realism and a commitment to continuous improvement. We are dedicated to enhancing our services, investing in our communities, and fostering a supportive and engaging environment for everyone associated with GCHA.

As we mark our 60th year, our vision for the future is cautious optimism. We are committed to achieving our strategic goals, focusing on practical outcomes that benefit our residents and contribute to our communities’ well-being. GCHA remains dedicated to moving forward with purpose and determination, guided by our values and the needs of those we support.


Do you have a story of your time as a GCHA resident that you would like to share? We’re collecting stories to put on our social media channels and on our website as we continue to celebrate our 60th anniversary. Please get in touch via and let us know your story!