Social or Affordable Housing

GCHA do not hold a separate waiting list for applicants. The method in which people become GCHA tenants is through a system called ‘Choice Based Lettings’ (or CBL for short).

If you would like to be considered for Social Housing, you would need to first approach the Housing Options Team from the Local Authority where you would be considered to have a ‘local connection’ (this could be the borough where you live, or the borough in which you work – although the criteria will be more accurately spelled out in the local authorities Allocations Policy).

They would then assess your need and give you a banding (this is their assessment of how ‘in need’ you are), as well as the details to log into the CBL system (in Kent it is called ‘Kent Homechoice’).

From here, you would need to log onto the CBL system and bid for any properties that you feel meets your needs.

Market Rent

GCHA have a small number of homes that are available at full market rent levels. If you are interested in these, we advertise (when they become available) through Rightmove.